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Platform for building chats for your website

We created flexible platform that makes it easier to develop online customer chat on your website or mobile app

Powerfull tool for customer service

Chatix dashboard is an interface for your customer service team members where they communicate with clients.
Dashboard collects all information about the visitors and displays it to consulters. Additional useful information can be passed by your website, e.g. visitor ID, cart items, last order and so on.

Widget and SDK

The widget is for easy task and SDK for complicated ones.
Widget integrated customization options can be extended by individual CSS rules. For native integration, we offer to use our JavaScript SDK that allows you to develop your own widget and control its behavior in your way.
Why Chatix?
Easy to start
Basic integration can be done in 5 minutes
User-friendly interface
Intuitive control panel allows you to work effectively with visitors
Flexible configuration
There are over 20 configuration options avaliable right now. Everything can be extendeb by CSS or JavaScript
Advanced opportunities
Set custom visitor fields and use them in your job
Safe data storage
All data is stored in a data center with a Tier-III security level. Backup copies are made daily.
Documetation and API
Advanced usage and API reference are documented and available to everyone
Start for free with 500 RUB bonus!
Paid options
Text messages
~ 0.000046 USD
For each text message per day, in direct and chat rooms, but not a whisp, whisp is for free.
Images and photos
~0.000053 USD
For each JPEG/PNG file per day (24 hours). Automatic preview generation and CDN included. Up to 20Mb size.
~0.000053 USD
For each file up to 20Mb per day (24 hours). CDN included.
Whisp messages
Free options
Public REST API calls
REST API is free, but has rate limit.
Webhook API
Webhooks are for free wihout limits.
Screencast is out of charge.
Why we did it
For us, the Internet is the whole world. Each site has its own team, which made it special, the best. Chats are set up on many sites, but they are often out of the general style and concept, and developers are unable to fix it.

That's why we developed Chatix. A platform that makes online customer chat development very easy. With the help of Chatix, you can develop your own chat and integrate it into your website natively.
Join the open Chatix Beta Testing to try all the new items among the first!
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