Chatix is a flexible platform, that can be adapted for different tasks. Here we collected the most common cases of Chatix usage. If you use Chatix in a different way, please tell us about that, so we could add it to this list.

Sales channel

The most frequent and common use of online chat is an online sales channel. Chatix looks very good at this.
Chatix allows you to communicate with your customer online, without delays. Your consultants can respond to clients very fast and help them make an order.

Useful features

Which Chatix features are useful in e-commerce
Online Chat
Chatix delivers messages almost instantly. We use the latest technology to provide you fast service.
Visitor typing preview
Consultants can see what visitor types even before the message has been sent. It helps to respond faster and provide better customer service.
New conversation notifications
Chatix sends notifications about new conversations and new messages to consultants to inform them. You don’t need to have Chatix open all the time, we will take care to notify you about new messages.
Tracking UTM tags
If you use UTM tags in your marketing campaigns, Chatix will catch them and display to your consultants. They will know how the client found you and will be able to promote relevant goods and services.
Visitor custom fields
Your site can send additional information about your client to consult team. For example, your site may know the client’s name, CRM status, address, personal discount and so on. This information may be useful to provide better client service.
Integrations with messengers and social networks
You may have business-account in a social network or messenger. Chatix can collect conversations and display them in one window. You don’t have to keep all apps and websites open, use only Chatix!

Support team tool

Chatix may be useful to provide technical support for your customers. Consultants can watch visitor’s screen using our screen broadcasting feature and point a visitor to important blocks.

Полезные функции

Which Chatix features are useful in supporting customers
Online chat
Slow support is bad support. Fast reaction and providing a solution is the #1 target for the support team. Chatix delivers messages as soon as it is possible and keeps working with a slow internet connection.
Better to see once than hear a hundred times. We think it is not good to ask client tonnes of questions if you could just see what happens on the client’s screen! It does not require additional software installed. Please read our docs to learn more about screencast in Chatix.
Highlighting areas on customer's screen
When the consultant watches client’s screen, he can highlight areas to help the client to find information. It is like standing right behind the user and pointing to the screen, but via the Internet.
Client custom field
It could be a good idea to pass the user’s information from your site right to the consultant’s screen. For example, you can pass name, internal ID, account details an so on. The consultant does not require to ask extra questions to provide a solution.
Push-notifications to your browser and smartphone
When the user faces some issue, it is extremely important to react fast and make it clear, that someone is working on a solution. Notifications keep you abreast.
Social network and messagers integrations
If something went wrong and the user can’t get access to the website, he can contact in social network or messenger. Consultants can work with all sources in one Chatix.
If you want to use Chatix in a different case and you are not sure is Chatix good at that, or you have a unique case you can share with us — write to hello@chatix.io

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