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Here you can find the most frequent questions about Chatix and our answers. Hope, you will find it useful. If not, write to us hello@chatix.io, we will try to do your best for you!
What is Chatix?
Chatix is a chat development platform, that provides API and SDK, to develop your own unique chat or integrate widget to your web application.
Does Chatix provide stuff to work on us as a support/sales consultant?
No, Chatix provides technology, but you have to have your own employees to work with your clients.
Where can I read more about functionality?
Docs are available at this link. If you didn’t find any information in our docs, feel free to as us via mail hello@chatix.io
Can you integrate Chatix into our site?
We don’t provide such services, it is very easy and your web-developer can do it. We can consult you or we can find developer, who is familiar with technologies, your site is developed.
Does Chatix have an app for iOS or Android?
Not yet, we are working on it. As soon as it will be ready, we will inform all of our clients.
What are your plans for the future?
Go to the moon and back, climb to the Everest and develop the best chat platform. The first two plans are difficult so, we are focused on the last one. If you have any ideas or advises, please contact us at hello@chatix.io.
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