The dashboard is an online service where consultants can communicate with clients, help them make purchases and solve their problems.
General view of the dashboard

The dashboard works as a website and can be opened in any modern browser, including mobile devices (some functions, such as viewing a visitor’s screen, may not be available in the mobile version).

The dashboard consists of:

  • Top navigation menu
  • Dialog sidebar
  • Main section
The content of the main field depends on the selected section.
On the first login, the dashboard will offer you to receive notifications about new dialogs and messages. We recommend you to allow notifications, because this feature helps not to miss the new dialog with the visitor.
Top navigation menu
Using links at the top of the screen, you can get into different sections of the dashboard:

  • Dialogs is the main section of Chatix, where all the current dialogues are collected and you can chat with your visitors (read more).
  • Visitors is a section that shows the list of visitors to your website in real-time (read more).
  • History is a section that keeps the history of communication with each visitor (read more).
  • Settings is a chat settings section, which is available to administrators only (read more).
  • Profile is a section of managing your account, in which you can change the avatar, name or password (read more).
Dialog Sidebar
Dialog sidebar contains a list of active conversations with visitors. Each dialog describes which visitor is talking with, which consultants are currently connected to it.
The sidebar is displayed inside all sections, so the list of dialogs will always be visible. The consultant can connect to the dialog by clicking on it in this panel, while he will be automatically redirected to the "Dialogs" section and will immediately see the selected dialog on the screen.
More information is available on the "Dialogs" page.