Conversations with visitors

When a new visitor starts a conversation, the dialog appears in the sidebar and all available consultants receive a sound notification
A new dialog
When a visitor sends a message to the chat, the program checks if any of the consultants are connected to that visitor. If no consultant works with the visitor, then this dialog is added to the sidebar in the first place. A green background means a new dialog that needs to be answered.

As soon as the first consultant connects to the dialogue, his name will be displayed under the name of the visitor and the dialog box will change its color from green to blue, and the melody of the new dialogue will stop playing.
Connection to the dialog
To connect to the dialog, you must click on the necessary dialog in the sidebar. The dialog will appear in the main field and then you will be connected to the conversation.

The dialogs to which you are connected are highlighted in light blue.
Disconnect from the conversation
Consultants should be disconnected from the dialog so that colleagues receive notification of new conversations. If the consultant does not disconnect from the dialog and, for example, leaves for lunch, then all messages sent by the visitor will not attract the attention of other consultants, since they will see that their colleague is working with this visitor.

To disconnect from the dialog, you must click on the cross icon of the dialog in the sidebar.
How to send a file or image
You can send a photo or a picture to the dialog using the "Attach" button under the text entry field or dragging the desired file into the dialog box.

To see the picture in a larger size, click on it.
"Whisper" is a secret dialogue message that only consultants see. It is convenient to use it when you need to give advice or additional information to a colleague who works with you. This message will not be seen by the visitor.

In the dialogue, "whisper" is highlighted with a special background. "Whisper" can only send a text.