Screen broadcast

Chatix allows you to connect to the visitor's screen and watch what is happening in real-time.
Personal data, such as passwords and special blocks, is not transmitted to the consultant and he doesn't see their contents.
During the broadcast, the consultant can observe only the tab with the site on which your Chatix widget is installed. Content from other sites and other windows is not transmitted.
How does it work
Request permission
The consultant presses the screencast button and sends the visitor a request for permission to view its screen
Screencast confirmation
The visitor consents to the screencast in his widget on the website
Starting the screencast
The consultant opens an additional window with dialogue and screencast
Screen connection
To start screencast, open a dialog with it and click the screencast button. If the visitor has already consented for permission to the screencast, the screencast window will open. If the permission has not yet been received, the icon will turn yellow, and the indicator will show permission.
Screencast permission
When using the standard Chatix widget, the visitor has a block with a question about providing access to the screen, to which he can answer yes or no.

The link "Read more" will open a brief description of what the consultant will see.
No screencast permission
If the visitor has pressed the "No" button in the screencast permission block, or the screencast is impossible for technical reasons (outdated browser, the visitor has a weak Internet connection, etc.), the consultant will see a notification about this over the dialog window.
Screen broadcast
When the visitor agrees to screencast, the consultant will receive an additional block with the contents of the visitor's screen. The visitor screen block corresponds to the size of the browser window and, if necessary, is scaled so that the consultant can see the content in full size.
Visitor cursor
Chatix транслирует положение курсора посетителя и обозначает его в виде серого круга. Центр круга всегда направлен в то место страницы где находится курсор.
При нажатии левой кнопки мыши центр круга на доли секунды становится черным.
Если посетитель уводит курсор за пределы окна браузера, где открыта страница сайта, Chatix