Visitor info

Chatix stores the following visitor information: name, e-mail UTM tags, time zone and location (based on IP), list of visited pages and custom fields.
Visitor Information
Information about the visitor is available in the additional dialog box. It is located to the right of the dialogue or hidden. If so, call it by pressing the button of the additional block in the main section of the dialog.

If the visitor communicates through social integration, networks or instant messengers, some of the information may not be available.
Name and e-mail
These data can be obtained both from the website and with the help of a consultant. To do this, click on the pencil icon next to the field you want to change, enter new data and click in space to save the changes.

To change the data from the site, use the developer guide.
UTM tags
Chatix automatically tracks of all standard UTM tags. If a visitor follows a link in which not all tags are indicated, then the missing tags won't be displayed in the information block.
If a visitor visits the website several times with different tags, they'll be updated.

If a visitor enters the website without UTM tags, Chatix will display the latest known UTM tags.
Local time and geo-location
Chatix shows the consultant the visitor's local time based on the time in his device. Users usually have accurate time. This information can be useful both for greetings (good afternoon/evening, etc.) and for other tasks, such as determining the appropriate time for a call.

Geolocation is determined based on the IP address. The accuracy of the determination depends on many factors. Chatix is trying to determine the location accurate to the city.
Current page and pages navigation history
Chatix records the pages navigation history. During communication with the visitor, the current page is displayed in the information block. Clicking on the link will open a new tab with the same page where the user is located.

The "All History" button will open a modal window that lists the pages that the visitor visited in chronological order.
Custom fields
Chatix allows you to transfer any additional information needed by consultants. This can be an identifier in CRM, the amount and list of items in the cart, information about participation in bonus programs and much more.

For Chatix to show such information, you need to add the sending of this data on your website. Detailed information about how to do this is available in the developer documentation.