The profile management page allows you to change the name, avatar of the staff member and set a new password
Manage own profile
To manage own account, you can click on your name in the upper right corner of Chatix and select «Profile».
You'll see information about your current Chatix profile.
Each staff member can manage own profile.
Manage another staff member's profile
If you are a chat administrator, you can manage the profiles of other staff member. To open the profile of another staff member, open the «Settings» section and press the edit button in the form of a pencil in the line with the desired staff member.
Profile page
The Profile page allows you to:
1. Set staff member name
2. Enter e-mail
3. Set avatar
4. Update password

To update the data, enter it in the form fields and click the «Save Changes» button.
To change the password, you must enter it twice in the «Password» and «Confirm a password» fields. If you don't need to change the password, you can leave these fields empty.