The "Settings" section allows you to manage chat options, a list of consultants and other settings. This section is available only to chat administrators. Consultants cannot change chat settings
Chat settings
The chat settings page allows you to manage consultants, API keys and provides access to the code to be inserted into the website.

To customize the appearance, work schedule, texts used, click on the "Edit chat" button.
Staff management
The consultants section consists of two tabs: "Consultants" and "Blocked". In the tab "Consultants" there is a table of Chatix users who have access to your chat.

To block a consultant (i.e. to prohibit him to communicate with clients and manage settings), click on the basket icon in the consultant's row. Chatix will ask for confirmation to lock the consultant. After blocking a consultant, you can restore it in the Blocked tab.

If you want to change the name of the consultant, his email, avatar or assign him a new password, click on the pencil icon in the row of the desired employee.
Inviting new consultants
To add new consultants to Chatix, click on the "Invite a consultant" button in the upper right corner of the table.

A form for inviting a new consultant will open, which consists of only one "E-mail" field. Enter the e-mail of your consultant and click on the "Invite" button. A letter will be sent to the specified e-mail inviting you to join your chat, after which the consultant will enter personal data, set a password and be added to your chat.

The invitation of the consultant is relevant within 2 hours from the moment of sending. If the consultant doesn't have time to register during this time, you will need to send a second invitation to his e-mail.
Restore a staff member
If you need to restore access to a previously blocked consultant, you can do this by opening the Blocked tab on the chat settings page.

In the list of blocked consultants select the required one and click on the restore button in the right part of the table. Access to the consultant will be restored, and he will be able to continue working in Chatix.