Staff managment

In this article, we'll describe in detail about Chatix stuff managment
All Chatix employees are divided into two groups: consultants and administrators. Everything works the same for them, except that consultants can't go to the chat settings section since only administrators can manage the settings
Staff management block
The staff management block is located in the «Settings» section. The block consists of two tabs «Staff» and «Blocked». The first tab lists the staff members who have access to Chatix, and the «Blocked» tab lists all staff members who previously had access to Chatix, but now it is prohibited.
How to add a staff member to Chatix
For your staff member to get access to Chatix, go to the «Settings» section and click on the «Invite staff member» button. You'll see a window for entering the e-mail of the invited staff member. Enter your e-mail there and click the «Send» button. Chatix will send an e-mail with the registration link to the specified e-mail. The link will active for 2 hours, if the staff member won't have time to register during this time, you'll need to send him an invitation again.
How to block a staff member in Chatix
If you need to block access to an employee in Chatix, you can open the "Settings" section, find the line with the desired staff member in the table and click the red delete button. You'll see a staff member lock confirmation window. Click "Block" if everything is correct. After blocking, the staff member will be excluded from all dialogs and transferred to the Blocked tab. If necessary, the blocked employee can be restored access.
How to restore a staff member
If you blocked a staff member by mistake or the restrictions have expired (for example, a staff member returned from vacation), then you can unblock the staff member. To do this, open the «Settings» section and switch to the «Blocked» tab. Find the line with the desired staff member and click the «Restore» button at the end of the line. The staff member will be reinstated, he'll be able to connect to Chatix and work with visitors.
How to edit staff member info
To edit the staff member info (name, avatar, e-mail or password), go to the «Settings» section, find the desired staff member in the table and click the edit button in the form of a pencil at the end of the line. A staff member profile page will open on which you can change its parameters. You can read more about managing your profile on the «Profile» page.