Invite consultants

After first appearance setup press "Settings" button at the top bar to get into chat settings page and add consultants.
Consultants list
After your registration there will be only one line in the consultants list with your data.

To add a new consultant, click the "Invite employee" button on the right above the consultants list.
Consultant invitation form
After clicking on the "Invite" button, the modal window will appear on the page with an employee invitation form.
The form contains the "E-mail" field only in which you must enter an email of your employee.
Enter your employee’s E-mail and click the "Invite" button.

An invitation to join your chat and a link to complete the registration will be sent on the specified email. The link will be active for 2 hours. If the employee doesn’t have time to join for 2 hours, his invitation will expire and you will need to send the invitation again.
Completion of a consultant registration
When the employee receives the invitation letter and follows the link, he will go to the registration form.
In this form, he must provide his name and double-enter the password. The password must consist of 8 symbols and contain one digit at least.
After filling out the form, he must click the "Register" button.